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Riley RM "Magnificient Motoring"

  • You don't need to know a lot about cars to appreciate a Riley but the more you know, the more you appreciate.

  • That's because the Riley is a car for connoisseurs of motoring.

  • The incomparable engine and steering have been evolved from some of the most successful sports cars ever produced.

  • 'Torsionic' independent front suspension and Girling hydro-mechanical brakes give you comfort and security.

  • And the Riley was an individually-built car.

  • Riley - As old as the industry - As modern as the hour.

  • A joy to own - a dream to drive.

  • With its long, low lines and elegant new styling, the Riley 1-1/2 litre saloon proclaims its good breeding and your own good taste wherever it goes.

  • Its special appeal is to the discriminating motorist who expects 'all round' excellence in a car.

  • The Riley has one of the most successful engines ever designed, matched by incomparable steering, superb road-holding, suspension and braking.

  • For the sheer pleasure of driving there's nothing quite like a Riley - it's a car of rare character.

  • You're right ahead - with the New Riley 1-1/2 litre saloon.

  • No other 1-1/2 litre car gives you the same spirited performance with such consistent reliability.

    You're right ahead with safe, sure road-holding at speed, and incomparable steering. These are part of the Riley tradition.

  • And the long, low lines of the luxurious body proclaim to all that this is one of England's outstanding cars.

  • For the sheer pleasure of driving, there's nothing quite like a Riley 1-1/2 litre Saloon, built to give you years of Magnificent Motoring

  • More attractive than ever - the 2-1/2-litre Saloon.

  • You can shortly realise your ambition to own this superb car which more than lives up to the great name it bears.

  • Its highly successful engine with the exclusive hemispherical head is matched by steering and suspension to warm the heart of motoring enthusiasts.

  • Its tireless power and zest are a revelation in fast, safe motoring.

  • And every detail in chassis and coachwork is craftsman-built to give you years of proud ownership.

  • The great-hearted 2-1/2 litre Riley engine puts 100 m.p.h. safely at your command, and high average speeds in long distance travel.

  • Much more than swift, comfortable transport, 'Riley Motoring' is always a delightful experience.

  • For the sheer pleasure of driving choose a Riley.

  • Everybody notices a Riley.

  • The Riley draws admiring glances whereever it goes. It is "craftsman built" in every detail - a car of remarkable character.

  • In its long, low lines, suggestive of speed, you get a hint of its racing heritage.

  • But a glance cannot reveal all the qualities which have made the Riley so much admired by enthusiastic motorists all over the world.

  • You need to sit at the wheel of a Riley to appreciate one of the most responsive and exciting cars ever built.

  • It is a car that reflects your success and sound judgment.

  • Riley for Magnificent Motoring.

  • Here is a thoroughbred Riley of grace and power...swift and smooth running.

  • Built by men of creative genius who have always designed cars around an ideal rather than a price; it combines acceleration and high speed with a sureness of road-holding which is quite outstanding.

  • Performance, Safety and inherent Quality are characteristics responsible for Riley Individuality.

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